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AOSpeak: project info
« on: September 08, 2011, 08:52:39 am »
This project aims to provide stable and free voice chat features to players on both Anarchy Online servers.
There are a few rules you should be aware of before you decide to join us:
- treat players you meet with respect
- don't share private or game account information with anyone
- if you have kids in the room use your headphones

How to get help:
/tell Speak help

How to join:
/tell Speak join
/tell Speak register

Register an alt:
When you join AOSpeak for the first time, the character you registered with is added as an alt to your account, but you can add more!
Simply repeat the registration process on all the characters you wish to add. After you use the token the character will appear as an alt in your description (it may take up to 10 minutes).
Online status of your alts is tracked, multi-logging and cross-dimensional logging is also supported.

Remove an alt:
/tell Speak remove ToonName
You can issue this command from any registered alt, even if it's on a different server. You cannot remove your last alt.

Create an org channel:
/tell Speak org
Character has to be registered as an alt, has to be older than a day and has to be the organization's president. In an Anarchy anyone can create the channel but only one person is granted ownership.
Once in place, you can rename the channel, password protect it, edit the description and set other players as co-admins/ops.
Everyone gains the ability to create temporary sub-channels while inside (just like teams&raids) but the admin owns and manages all of them.
Org channels not used for longer than a month will be deleted from the server.

Server Admin
  • Teknologist
  • Tom Sawyer (Rush)
  • Annstas
  • Swordguy
  • Chuck
  • Doctorval
  • Evondrei
  • Arriviste
  • Lazy
  • Windguaerd
  • Tyrence
  • Rageballs
  • Rikaria
  • Datch
  • Wisdomman
All moderators are there to help you, so feel free to address them (or myself) when ever you see them online.

15.10.2011. - auto AFK system no longer applies to channels with less than three members in them
14.9.2011. - dropped the badge features
14.9.2011. - moved the support services to a new server (api, forums...)
28.8.2011. - organizations can now create their channels by themselves
22.8.2011. - added online/offline badges (beta)
20.8.2011. - quick connect links now forward to a prettier site
19.8.2011. - bot rewritten, alts and alt online status feature added
30.5.2011. - updated server to version 3.0.0-rc1
15.5.2011. - new website released
1.5.2011. - players idle for more than 3 hours will be moved to the AFK channel automatically
26.4.2011. - moved to a new provider / gigabit link
17.4.2011. - released
16.4.2011. - ingame nickname is now a part of the quick connect link, bot will announce issued tokens in the Reet's Retreat channel.

If you experience any problems or just need help setting your client up, post below. Requests and suggestions are also very welcome.
Need a private channel for your organization? Let us know.

Big thanks to the moderation team for all the time and effort they continue to invest in the project.
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