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AOSpeak theme by Docoholic
« on: May 17, 2012, 10:49:54 am »
Docoholic was kind enough to create a AOSpeak theme for our teamspeak server.
You can download it from the file browser in the Reets Retreat channel or here.


1) Unzip the archive into the ts3 client\styles folder.

Note: this should create a sub-folder named AOSpeak with 2 images
inside. It will also place a AOSpeak.qss stylesheet file in the main
styles folder.

2) in TS3/AOSpeak, go to 'Settings'..'Options'.. and select  "Design"
from the left menu.

3) Change the 'Theme' to AOSpeak.  Leave the Style and icon pack to default.

4) Click 'Apply' and close the Options window.

Warning the beauty might damage your eyes or cause them to leak, LoL

Updated theme to include some info pane formatting...

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